• Extending Information Management Value through Enterprise Architecture Practices
    Nelio Lucas, SVP Technology & Chief Architect, Darren Edery, CEO, Adastra Canada 

    In most organizations, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Enterprise Data Warehousing (EDW) and Master Data Management (MDM) are managed separately and leverage different technologies and data sets. A robust EAI platform requires a truly enterprise approach which, once developed, dramatically facilitates the subsequent introduction of EDW and MDM. EAI is required when business processes span more than one application; in its simplest form, EAI involves data exchanges between multiple pairs of applications. EDW supports a holistic view of the enterprise through integrated reporting and analytics, requiring data from multiple applications. MDM supports a consistent view of the core data assets, such as customer and product, across applications. This presentation will discuss the commonalities of these platforms and the needs they address, as well as how an integrated approach can simplify the architecture, promote reusability, lower time-to-market, and cut costs.


  • Effective Data Governance: Operational Focus & Accelerators
    Wayne Knaggs, Manager, Business Solutions, Adastra Canada

    At the very heart of Data Governance is the unification and formal integration of business ownership and interaction with technology or operational groups according specific processes, such as Data Quality or MDM. Using Data Quality as an example, this presentation will illustrate and discuss how such a process is developed and deployed. Particular emphasis will be given to the prerequisites for process development, sustaining and evolving Data Governance processes, and what can be done to accelerate implementation without compromising effectiveness.